Long-Term Guest Agreement

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    All members and the long-term guest must sign.

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    Terms of agreement:

    1. The Co-op agrees that the long-term guest can live in the member's unit as a part of the member's household starting on the Start Date stated in this agreement. If a date is filled in for the Latest End Date, the long-term guest agrees to leave the member's unit on or before the Latest End Date. The long-term guest must have written permission from the Co-op and the member to stay longer.

    2. The member is still responsible to the Co-op for all housing charges and all the member's obligations to the Co-op.

    3. The long-term guest agrees not to break any of the terms of the member's Occupancy Agreement or any Co-op by-laws.

    4. The long-term guest acknowledges that the Co-op only allows members and their households to occupy Co-op units. The long-term guest acknowledges that being a longterm guest does not give him or her a right to the unit or any other unit or position on the Co-op's internal or external waiting lists.

    5. The long-term guest acknowledges that the Co-op can cancel long-term guest status or change the terms of long-term guest status at any time (even if before the Latest End Date). The long-term guest agrees to leave the member's unit if the member or the Co-op requests it. The long-term guest will be entitled to written notice to leave the unit.

    6. The long-term guest must immediately leave the unit when the member's occupancy rights end.

    7. The long-term guest acknowledges that the unit is a member unit under the Co-operative Corporations Act and that the long-term guest is not a tenant under the Residential Tenancies Act.

    8. The member and the long-term guest acknowledge and understand that the long-term guest cannot pay anything to the member, such as key money, and the only payment permitted is a fair share of the housing charges as defined in the Co-op by-laws. Any other payment is against the law.

    9. The member and the long-term guest agree to fully and truthfully disclose to the Co-op all financial arrangements between them to show that they are complying with paragraph 8 of this agreement.

    10. The long-term guest agrees that the Co-op, through its employees or agents, can receive credit information about the long-term guest from any credit agency or other source.