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    I/We understand that acceptance of this request is conditional upon:

    1. The member(s)/household are in good standing with the Co-op, according to policies and by-laws. i.e.
    Policy Section 1-Internal Move 1.2 (A) Eligibility Criteria

    2. That current income verification is provided with the request, and will provide additional information if

    3. An inspection of our current unit meets the Co-op By-law and policies.

    4. That subsidy assistance may or may not be available to the household with this move and agree to pay the new housing charge amount (this may include a subsidy surcharge if applicable).

    5. The Membership Committee and Board of Directors may consider this request. If approved household will be placed on the Internal Waiting List for the unit size.

    6. The member shall provide a deposit of $100.00, once a unit has been offered and accepted.